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Marijuana the Gateway Drug – Drug Counseling / Therapy

Do you want to know the truth?
Marijuana is a gateway drug that appears to get a pass on being a dangerous, addictive drug to the point that it is legal for medical use in over 20 states at this time. People say that it’s “only pot”; the fact remains that marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance. It is addictive after a reasonably short level of time. The cannaboid receptors are active which negatively distorts perceptions, impairs coordination, and as a result, which affects thinking and problem solving skills. Cannabis also disrupts learning and memory worsens with continued use. Heavy marijuana users report poor mental and physical health, relationship problems and most importantly, diminished academic and career success. Amotivation syndrome is a cause of chronic use which leads to lack of motivation and drive in all aspects of the users’ life. Drug Counseling can often be a tremendous benefit that can help an individual get his/her life back on track and work towards a solution.

Long term marijuana use has long term, permanent damage on brain development as well as a long lasting negative impact on the user’s brain function. One particular study showed that the subjects, 18-32 years of age, had an average drop of IQ scores of up to 8 points.

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